What is ACM?

ACM is a company with a team of expert custom blow molding professionals who specialize in processing plastic using intermittent accumulator head monolayer extrusion blow molding machines.

Why Choose ACM?

ACM's primary focus is on customer service and product quality. ACM's key employees have over 120 years of combined experience in blow molding. ACM offers free quotations and has low lead times. ACM offers a large selection of machines to cater to all of the customer's blow molding requirements. For added value to the customer's product ACM has polyurethane foaming, secondary, painting, packaging, and assembly operations. To assure quality performance ACM is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. ACM provides custom blow molding and value added services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and fortune 500 companies. ACM can assist in determining mold properties and can arrange for making a mold.

What is Custom Blow Molding?

ACM defines custom blow molding as producing a customer's product through use of the customer's mold in ACM's blow molding machinery.

What is Extrusion Blow Molding?

Extrusion blow molding is a process that shoots a molten tubular plastic parison into open mold halves. The mold is then closed and compressed air is injected inside the tubular parison, forcing the plastic to form and cool against the cavity walls of the mold. After the molding is complete the mold opens, the part is removed, and the flash is trimmed. The part is then cooled and secondary operations take place. It is possible to have molds with multiple cavities to make several parts with one shot. There are also machines that shoot multiple parisons at the same time inside multiple molds simultaneously. This allows for multiple parts to be processed at the same time.

Why Choose Extrusion Blow Molding?

Extrusion blow molding is ideal for molding hollow plastic parts that do not require high precision, multiple material thicknesses, or detailed surface finishes. Extrusion blow molding is preferred over injection molding and injection blow molding due to the fact that the tooling for extrusion blow molding is regarded as less costly. The team at ACM can help determine if extrusion blow molding is the right processes for your product. ACM will suggest other processes if it is determined that extrusion blow molding will not meet the requirements of the customer's product.